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Foshan Freedom Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013. It is a modern manufacturing enterprise which integrates development, production and marketing. It has various advanced production equipment and processing production base. At present, the company produces and processes ceramic machine parts and various kinds of mechanical parts. The sales network has covered the major domestic and foreign ceramic production bases, in Jiangxi, Fujian,Sichuan and other places, We have set up direct sales warehouses, In Morbi(India), We have been in partnership with the operating company, YASH IMPORTS, to provide Iocalized sales and services for spare parts and tool consumables.
Quality-oriented, customer first is our business philosophy.
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Foshan Freedom Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Headquarter: No. 36-38,Rong'er Road,Rongxing Industrial Park,Wuzhuang Village,Luocun Town,Nanhai District,Foshan,City, Guangdong Province. Office: Cicheng, Xinjie Town, Gao'an City, Jingxi Province Tel/Fax: +86 757 81808293(Headquarter)              +86 795 5788209(Office)
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